Legal Limitations

Legal Limitations for Nurse Licensure

The Nursing Programs Administrator assumes the responsibility for making available to applicants to the ATS Nursing Program the information regarding legal limitations for state licensure.  Admission or graduation from the nursing program does not guarantee obtaining a license to practice nursing. Licensure requirements and the subsequent procedures are the exclusive right and responsibility of each state’s Board of Nursing.

Students must satisfy the requirements of the Nurse Practice Act: statutes,  rules and regulations independently of any college requirements for graduation.  All nurse applicants for licensure need to be fingerprinted and have a background check.  This will be done through the Illinois State Police.

Illinois License Information

See Section 55-10 Qualifications for LPN Licensure of the Nurse Practice Act for the state of Illinois and the Illinois Administrative Code, Section 1300.100 Refusal to Issue a Nurse License Based on Criminal History Record.
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