ESL Program

ESL Program

Welcome to the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program for Adult Learners at ATS Institute of Technology!  We’re glad you have chosen our program to assist you in your journey to proficiency in speaking English the way Americans speak it.  Since the inception of our ESL program in 2000, hundreds of new Americans have embarked on – or continued – that journey here.  Our instructional programs provide non-native speakers of English with the linguistic, academic and social skills and cultural base required to navigate successfully in American social and academic environments, and in professional/vocational settings which use English as the principle medium of communication.

At ATS Institute, we pride ourselves in training our students to be self-regulating speakers of English – a quality which will enable you to function successfully in any situation you may encounter outside of the classroom. Our highly-qualified faculty and dedicated staff are committed to assisting you in every aspect of this endeavor.

Our intensive, comprehensive ESL program offers full-time courses which meet for three hundred academic hours per semester. Our courses are designed for adult learners who wish to make fast progress and who are able to devote themselves to an intensive schedule.  Real progress in the acquisition of another language requires a commitment of time and effort.  As such, regular attendance at class sessions is crucial for the fulfillment of students’ academic and professional goals – as well as to obtain optimal benefit from the program.  This will not only aid you in making progress in the acquisition of English, but will provide you with a solid foundation that will assist you in securing employment in your given or prospective fields.

ATS Institute offers both a 900-hour program (three semesters) and a 1500-hour program (five semesters). Both programs are designed for students with limited English language skills, with the primary goal of teaching communicative competence – that is, the ability to communicate in English in any professional, social and academic setting.  The 1500-hour program accommodates students who wish to experience a fuller range of language instruction beyond that which is offered in the 900-hour program. Our academic programs offer a broad variety of courses which address all of the language modalities – speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing – as well as technology-based communication.

Integrated Language Skills: Designed to serve as the core course for ESL students, focusing on developing students speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, application of targeted grammatical structures, and usage of learned vocabulary and phrases. Instruction is organized in thematic units arranged around a variety of real-life topics students are likely to encounter outside of the classroom.

Speaking and Structure Practice: Focuses on developing the speaking and listening skills of ESL students.

English Grammar: Develops students’ ability to understand and use the rules by which words are combined and charge in order to achieve communication in English.

Reading and Writing: Develops in students the reading and writing skills necessary to function in a variety of settings, equipping them with strategies and experience in comprehending and producing English in its written form. Assigned texts introduce students to typically American people, places, and practices – as well as share the experience of other new Americans.  This engages students in cross-cultural exchanges and establishes a cultural context for more effective language learning!

Vocabulary: Targeted vocabulary words and phrases are taught based on their usefulness in everyday situations and their level of priority in helping students meet their communicative needs.

Idiomatic and Colloquial English: Develops the ability of English- language learners to understand and use idioms and colloquialisms – indispensable components of English as spoken by Americans – with the purpose of helping students speak more naturally and authentically in informal settings.

ESL Computer Lab: Mandatory computer lab hours for each level of the ESL program provide students with reinforcement of material presented in their classes while offering students a more individualized approach of their studies.  Web-based activities are incorporated into every level of classroom instruction.


Federal financial aid is available for qualifying students.

To begin your journey, call 216.661.8800 or 216.347.0194 today!

 Required documents for registration:

    • Certificate of Naturalization, green card, or white card
    • Social security card
    • Federal income tax return for previous year
    • Copy of high school diploma (translated into English and notarized)
    • For female students: Copy of marriage license (translated into English and notarized)


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