Frequently Asked Questions

  I am interested in registering for ESL classes! How do I get started?

  I speak very little English. What if I call the school and I don’t understand – or they don’t understand me?

  Where are you located, and how can I find you?

  Am I responsible for paying tuition?

  What paperwork or other documents do I need to submit?

 Where can I get my high school diploma and/or marriage license translated?

  I did not file a federal income tax return for the previous year. How will my eligibility for federal financial aid be determined?

Can I still attend ESL classes at ATS Institute if I don’t qualify for federal financial aid?

Will I have to take a placement test when I enroll?

How many hours a week do classes meet?

I would like to attend ESL classes, but am unable to attend twenty academic hours per week. Can I attend part-time?

Do I need to purchase textbooks?

A friend or relative of mine took your ESL course before and already has the books. Can I just use them?

I’m legally in the United States, but do not have permanent legal residency status. I’m here on a work, travel, or student visa. Can I attend classes at ATS Institute?

What is your attendance policy, and what happens if I miss a class?

What if I need to miss classes for an extended period of time?

Does your program go year round, and are there any breaks?

I have small children. Does ATS Institute provide childcare?


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