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My name is Taylor Logan (BSN-RN) and I am the Clinical Education Manager of Independence Plus Inc. (IPI). We are a Private Duty Nursing company located in Oak Brook, and we offer a Nurse Residency Program that provides a great starting point for new graduate License Practical Nurses (LPN) and Registered Nurses (RN). Our Nurse Residency training also provides thorough detailed training and a Ventilator Certification Course.

Our company provides skilled hourly nursing services to medically complex adult and pediatric patients, many of which are tracheostomy and ventilator dependent. Our Nurse Residency provides in-depth and hands on skills and clinical training to nurses before they are placed with our patients to build their confidence and add to their current education with our patient population. LPNs’ benefit immensely from our program as well, as they are able to utilize skills for continuing education for their RN/BSN by being trained in the same skills traditionally thought of being used solely for RNs’. Because of the high acuity of our patients, our nurses are often able to use their experience with IPI and utilize it later on in their career in areas such as ICU, CCU, and ER units.

Although we offer recruitment flyers that we would be grateful for you to share with your nursing students, I also in the past have frequently attended Career Fairs and independent educational sessions on nursing school campuses to explain our company, introduce them to our unique patient population, and to let students know that there are many different options in nursing outside of inpatient care or a facility! Nurses can also work in a private capacity with a one-patient ratio to build their skills instead of a high stress and demanding facility!

Independence Plus Inc. prides itself on offering an incredibly supportive work environment for new graduate nurses in which emphasis is put on training, communication, and nurse autonomy.

If you would like more information, or if you’d be interested in a free educational session for your current nurses, please reach out to me and I would love to help solidify a future career for your graduates!

Thank you!

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